Pleasant Ways to Decorate Bathroom Using Natural Bathroom Decor

The bathroom element is used to make the
bathroom look beautiful. There are many elements that can be used to bathroom decor. One of which
is a natural element decor. The natural effects can be obtained by putting
natural objects call it stone and pebbles. Those two are very familiar as
materials are used to decorate the bathroom.
Bathroom decor
Cool way to use stone for bathroom
Natural elements like stone decor can be used
on walls, floors, up to washbasin and a bathtub. Some types of stone can be
used in accordance to wishes and combined with other materials such as wood.
The bathroom will be in different look and close to nature.
Bathroom decor
Perfect combo for a rustic bathroom wood and stone
Stone has an important role for those who want
to decorate the bathroom with rustic feel. The rustic can be obtained by
combining natural element decor like stone and wood. Add stones on walls in
some crucial spots to become focal point. The corner window bench is a very
interesting idea too.
Bathroom decor
Mix modern with natural elements
It should not be in full of natural element
decor, the bathroom can also be stunning with modern concept. Paste the stone
as texture on the walls. Just with small stone accent wall, the bathroom will
be totally different and attractive.
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Bathroom decor
Big stone columns for bathroom
Other interesting ideas can be applied as in
the picture. With natural element decor of stone columns, there will be unique
and cool shower room. Contrast look is very noticeable on the use of stone and
glass. They complement each other though.
Bathroom decor
Big stone steps for bathtub
The impression of luxury in bathroom with
natural element decor lies on the stone steps. Nothing is more harmonious than
natural bathtub with the steps as well as beautiful scenery which is seen
through large windows.
Bathroom decor
Small bathroom space decorate with pebbles
The pebbles are also captured to be applied in
the bathroom as part of natural element decor. With random colors, the pebbles
are transformed into accent wall.
Bathroom decor
Pebbles used for contemprary bathrooms
Pebbles will come into the list of beautiful
textures that are used in the contemporary bathroom. The natural element decor
is used to add the curves especially on the floor.
Bathroom decor
Pebbles can be used on walls
The next bathroom design also uses pebbles for
walls with mosaic pattern. To appear more perfect, the mirror frame complements
natural element decor which embedded in the room.
Bathroom decor
Pebbles around the bathtub
Pebbles may only small pieces but in fact, it
is used to make the bathroom becomes chic. The chic ways are obtained by
putting the natural element decor around the bathtub with a matching color.
Bathroom decor
Bathroom Pebbles flooring
As bathroom ideas, natural element decor like
pebbles could be used as permanent flooring. Dramatic effect will be seen by
putting the stone tub.
Bathroom decor
Shower rock boulder
Bathroom decor with natural element decor like stone and pebbles are often used. Those popular materials can be applied in pleasant ways.

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