Are You on Diet to Lose Weight? Take These Five Foods

Losing weight is not easy. Some women have difficult problem to lose their weight in a safe and healthy way. How to lose weight fast is something that people want, especially women. And some women want to be slim and thin without controlling their food. Food is actually the main source where disease and obesity come from. Your habit and your life style go through the food. And yes, you need to find the right diet to lose weight.

It means that you don’t need to decrease the portion when you are on a program of diet to lose weight. Instead, you need to control what food you can consume to support your diet life which is healthy. Not all of the calories are equally created. And some different foods will go through different metabolic ways in your body. They can possibly have different effects vastly on the hormones, hunger, as well as how many calories that we burn. Here are some of lose weight foods that you can consume.

Diet to lose weight

Diet to lose weight

Diet to Lose Weight with Healthy and Safe Foods
1. Leafy greens
Some leafy greens for diet to lose weight are Swiss chards, spinach, kale, collards, and many others. They actually have some properties which make them very perfect for the weight lose diet. The leafy greens are low both in calories as well as carbohydrates. But they’re loaded with some fiber. When you eat leafy greens, you will find that they’re very great to increase the volume of the meals, but they don’t increase the calories. There have been so many studies proving that losing weight with food using leafy greens with the energy density will make many people eat lower calories overall.

2. Whole eggs
The next food choice for diet to lose weight is whole egg. Many people are afraid of getting more cholesterol. In fact, the whole egg has been making the comeback. There is new study supporting that whole eggs do not affect adversely the blood cholesterol. They don’t also cause the heart attack. If you need to lose some weight, they’re one of the good choices. What is good about whole egg when they’re used on a diet program? They’re high in healthy fats and protein which will make you feel very full with very low calories.

One study also proved that there are 30 women eating whole eggs for breakfast successfully losing their weight instead of eating bagels. The whole eggs are good for lose weight program since they increase satiety. Not only that, they make the women in the study eat less for more or less the next 36 hours. The other benefit or strength of whole egg is that they’re unbelievably nutrient dense and they can possibly help you to get all of the nutrients that you need on the calorie which is restricted diet. Almost all of the nutrients are already found in the yolks.

3. Salmon
The next food for diet to lose weight is salmon. Salmon is oily fish. And oily fish is very good and incredibly healthy. It’s also satisfying since it will keep you full for many hours while you get calories that are enough or just few. Salmon itself is loaded with the high quality protein, important nutrients, and healthy fats. This food is included in fish category that supplies iodine. This kind of nutrients is very important for the proper function of thyroid.

Thyroid is very important for keeping your metabolism runs in optimal way. Some studies have shown that salmon is very great for losing weight without exercise as it contains omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown in that study that it helps you reduce the inflammation. Inflammation itself has been known for being the reason or main major of obesity as well as metabolic disease. Trout, mackerel, herring and sardines, are other types of the oily fish which can replace salmon. This can be a good variation for healthy diet to lose weight.

4. Boiled potato
The other diet to lose weight is boiled potato. White potato seems to be fallen out of the favor for several reasons. Nevertheless, they own some properties which make them very perfect for food both for the optimal health and weight loss. White potato contains extremely diverse ranges of nutrients and a bit of almost all people need. There have been so many people living longer because they consume potatoes.

As a good choice of food for diet to lose weight, potatoes are very high in potassium. It is the nutrient which most of people do not get enough of and it also plays very important role in the blood pressure controls. What is meant by eating the white potatoes which are boiled is that you will feel very full. Because of that, you will eat less of other foods.

If the potatoes are boiled, then they’re cooled for a bit, they will form some large amounts of the resistant starch. It’s like the fiber like substance which has been proven to have all health benefits including the weight loss. The sweet potatoes, or turnips, or other root vegetables are excellent too for diet to lose weight.

5. Tuna
The last diet to lose weight food is tuna. It is very low in calorie, but high in protein. It’s a lean fish which does not have much fat. As people know, tuna is very popular among the bodybuilders as well as fitness models that are on the cut. Why? It is because tuna is one great way for keeping the protein high with the low fat and total calories. If you are now trying to emphasize the protein intake, you need to make sure, then, to choose the tuna canned in the water. But make sure, you don’t choose the tuna canned which is oil.

Those are safe and healthy food that you can take or consume when you are on diet to lose weight. You can make variations of healthy diet menu by combining some of the mentioned food choices. Since food plays a great role in determining the success of your diet, it never goes wrong to change your diet into a healthy one, start from now.

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