DIY Home Decor Inspirations and Tricks for Affordably Creative Decor

When something unique is what you wish to incorporate in your room, then the DIY home decor for interior ideas we have collected for you below will make a brilliant source of inspiration! After all, there’s always a sense of accomplishment with DIY home decor projects, especially when you get the question about where you purchased the decor from your guest. Besides, the DIY interior decorating is also typically affordable, thus providing a smart solution for you who wish to spend less. Here they are!

Inspiring DIY Home Decor Design Ideas

1. DIY Hand-Dyed Napkins
To make your dining table more vivacious and attractive, you can take the more fun approach as part of your DIY home decor for interior. Well, what about trying to dye the simple, clean white napkins for splashes of bright, refreshing colors on your plain white dishes? Think about all the refreshing pops of color for spring and summer! You can even try the ombre technique to create that forever pleasing color gradation!
DIY Home Decor Inspirations
DIY Hand-Dyed Napkins
2. DIY Shutter Side Table
Embrace the weathered finish and ditch the painting for now! Look into your attic or shed, or visit the salvage yard or flea market to find the old weathered shutters! You can even distress the surface yourself if what you manage to find is not weathered or distressed enough. Even in a more modern space, this DIY home decor idea can easily make a huge aesthetic effect, thanks to the rustic flair it demonstrates.
DIY Home Decor Inspirations
DIY Shutter Side Table
3. DIY Campaign Dresser
Typically, a campaign dresser will cost you thousands of dollars. Even so, you do not need to worry at all, since some DIY home decor can make your dream of displaying a classic campaign piece in your room come true without having you to break the bank. For this DIY home decor design idea, you can even still use your current dresser or repurpose the old one, as long as the construction is still in its top condition. Then source and buy the hardware—bar pulls and corner braces—and don’t forget the spray paint.

4. DIY Wall Hanging Decoration
This beautiful boho-inspired DIY wall decoration is a truly lovely choice if you wish to add something textural, especially in your neutral colored room. Made from cotton cord, twine, brass tubing, and wood dowel, the combination this DIY home decor piece for the wall is simply pleasing to the eye! Plus, this is a project you can complete in less than a day with a final result that will easily deceive people into thinking that this wall hanging decoration is more expensive than it actually is.
DIY Home Decor Inspirations
DIY Wall Hanging Decoration
5. DIY Upholstered Bench
Replacing the upholstery of your bench can make a quick yet effective punch to affect your interior space as a whole. Whether it is in your entry hallway, bedroom, or living room, this inspiring and easy DIY home décor idea will not only serve as a cozy cushioned surface for people to sit on or to hold items, but also to provide pop of color or introduce pattern in the interior space.

6. DIY Furniture Painting
This DIY home decor idea is a simple and quick one if you wish to add a small dose of style and classic look in your room without having to cost you expensively. With some simple DIY home decor painting trick, the inexpensive pieces of furniture can quickly look more expensive! For example, you can create a fresh and new look by painting the dining room furniture set in high-gloss white as a base.
DIY Home Decor Inspirations
DIY Furniture Painting
7. DIY Photo Art
Who says you can only bring art into your home interior by spending expensively? In fact, you can easily transform any photos into an art even for less than $10! This DIY home decor idea thus can offer you an opportunity to create a truly personal decoration, especially to fill in that empty wall space. Choose whichever photo you would like to use and display in the room and print it out. Buy foam boards for the printed photo to wrap and once you’re done you can finally display your own wall art!

8. DIY Tile Backsplash Upgrade
Kitchen makeover is often considered as one of the most expensive projects for home interior. However, it doesn’t mean there’s no DIY home decor idea that will help you save your money. For your kitchen tile backsplash, you do not need to replace the surface and install new tile backsplash to update it. Rather, simply painting on this surface can simply do! This DIY kitchen tile backsplash idea is pretty simple and can be a great project to accomplish during your free weekend!

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9. DIY Throw Pillows
Apparently, you do not always have to buy colorful fabric or throw pillow covers in order to update what you already have in your living room. In fact, you can have so much fun while being creative at the same time. Simply buy white cotton throw pillow covers and paint the surface yourself! Use fabric paint for this DIY home decor inspiration—do not hesitate to use your personal favorite color! Introduce not only pops of color, but also some patterns to make things even more pleasing visually and aesthetically. In the end, new throw pillows can also make your sofa look more inviting, right?

10. DIY Wall Decoration
We have seen so many attractive DIY home decor decorating ideas featuring the display of colorful decorative plates adorning the large empty wall space. Well, why don’t you give this idea a shot? You can buy even the cheap plates for this DIY wall decor project! Painting the plates also makes a great idea worth trying. Vary the sizes and shapes of the plate in order to create your own wall art to decorate the space.
Well, what do you think about those DIY home decor decorating ideas? Which one of them that attracts you the most? Or do you have an idea of your own? If you do, then do not hesitate to tell us what your idea is!
DIY Home Decor Inspirations
DIY Wall Decoration
DIY home decor offers you both creative and affordable solutions to
provide you seemingly endless inspirations to decorate the interior of
your house.

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