Home Interiors – 5 Popular Styles and Tips to Achieve the Perfect Look

People who really pay attention in designing home interiors must be familiar with kinds of interior design. To understand more on the difference of every design, people often find many references from internet, television program, and magazine. Many choices are available but it makes them more confused since they probably do not know well on the home circumstances and other supporting factors. When minimalist, Moroccan, vintage, Scandinavian, and rustic styles are very popular to be used worldwide, there are more style options that can be applied which are bohemian, nautical, contemporary, eclectic, and industrial. Besides, Let us take a look again to differentiate every home interiors design.
Home interiors comprise many style options to choose. Although all of them are popular, how well do you know the details of style? Let us find the difference now. 
5 Popular Home Interiors Decorating Ideas Plus Helpful Tips
1. Bohemian or Boho Chic
Bohemian is known as boho chic style. It reflects something in freedom with modern look and colorful shades. It is very personal since the combination cannot be predicted and it depends on each individual taste. It is often associated to eclectic style which is going to be discussed later. It is very suitable to show the identity since it is very personal. People choosing the home interiors are usually a free spirit type like travelers, hippies, artists, and so forth. With this style, the free expression can be delivered in maximum.
Home Interiors Popular Styles
Boho Chic Home Interiors Style

Tips: to achieve the home interiors ideas, the first thing to do is to add rainbow colored slips such as in curtain. It is okay to mix the vintage inspired furniture with the new one without doubt. Absolutely, the colorful hues are combined with other background like sleek white table. Visual balance is applied by combining various colors and forms with creativity of the owner. The sense of lively is always reflected through the home interiors and it is usually filled with distinctive handmade textiles like on the rug, linen, pillow case, up to lighting design.

2. Coastal or Nautical
For those looking for holiday atmosphere which is identical to summer and beach live, this one can be considered. The inspiration usually comes from the beach sunlight, waves, and sand. Touch of blue color scheme is usually adorned the style to make people feel comfortable and get used to linger on with comfy furniture. People will always remember on the tropical cottage with this. Overall, the home interiors bring people in relaxed, bright, and airy atmosphere by using beach-inspired items.
Home Interiors Popular Styles
Coastal Home Interiors

Tips: to get coastal home interiors, the secrets are in very abundant lighting. It is not only about the lamps but also natural light. Then, beachy colors cannot be separated. It usually deals with milky white and vanilla tones on the walls. It is combined with teal, green, blue, up to classic navy to evoke the cool, calm, and relaxing feel. Do not forget about the coastal furniture which is identical to comfy design. Large pieces with white washed or grey timber tones are the best. Furthermore, there will be natural fibers to mix with oversized indoor plants to increase the tropical breeze feeling.

3. Contemporary
Basically the contemporary home interiors design is a combination of present and future concept. It looks warm and cold at the same time. It is rare to find many complexities in terms of decoration. The basic idea is clean, neutral, and delicate home interiors. Many people interchangeably called as modern. However, it is quite easy to differentiate both styles. Contemporary is more current whereas modern home concept is design of mid 1900s with typical of natural material, low line, neutral with pops of color. It also reminds people to minimalist style which is related to simple aesthetic.
Home Interiors Popular Styles
Contemporary Home Interiors Design

Tips: The basic element of contemporary are neutral and masculine though the style is flexible to combine with others. Neutral and masculine are reflected from muted and true color scheme. Then, the home interiors always look clean and sleek on the furniture selection. Simplicity is everything in the home interiors. To decorate the style, it uses oversized art like geometric wallpaper. Functional in storage is going through the use of furniture base which incorporates smart solution like hidden storage.

4. Eclectic
It is also interchangeably considered to be same as boho since it expresses the victory of feeling. It goes without rules with mix and match principle as the wish of the home interiors owner. This could be the most expressive concept as it combines many styles into one. It seems to be easy but it must be organized properly so that the result of various style combinations does not look chaotic. It is better to call it as the place to make a harmony style.
Home Interiors Popular Styles
Eclectic Family Room

Tips: to create the eclectic home interiors picture, it is needed to make a balance appearance. It is on the first goal to gain the harmony style although there are diversity in texture, furniture, and style. Then, when it comes to colors, pick one as the unified color for all color schemes in the room. It is the best way to get rid of chaotic look as home interiors combine many colors palette. The recommended colors are off-white or olive green. It is also important to note about function of the room and nice layout.

5. Industrial
Raw material is identical to industrial style. It is very distinctive and eccentric compared to other styles. It would be closely related to textured furniture, unfinished or original look, grey and black domination, high ceiling, and more. It is often called as warehouse look. For the material of home interiors, wood and metal are usually chosen to fill the modern chic typical of industrial. It is very innovative and challenges every people to evoke the comfy and cold space.
Tips: The first element is on exposed pipes and ducts. It is usually located behind the thick walls. Several people even use the pipes to incorporate with furniture. In case of furniture, vintage one along with accessories is required as in home interiors catalog. To be remembered, the experiment must pay attention to colors that keeps in neutral and simple. There is also effortless lighting in the home interiors. The lighting fixtures appear in eccentric design too. For the color choice, it remains neutral and raw like metal, brick, and wooden. Green, grey, and brown are dominant too for chic modern look.

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