What Is Causing Your Fatness?

Top scientists believe that weight gain is being caused by many things, there is no single enemy here. Therefore, your struggles with body fat is most likely caused by a variety of negative variables. In an effort to explain excess body fat, scientists have come up with some theories. And although these theories aren’t set in stone, they may provide some insight as to why you’re gaining weight.
So without further delay, here are potential explanations for why you’re carrying extra weight:
1. Lipoprotein lipase. Dietary fat gets shoved into fat cells by lipoprotein lipase. According to this theory, those with too much body fat have too much lipoprotein lipase. And those with little body fat have less.
2. Sheer number of fat cells. Your fat cells can increase in size, but they can also replicate and increase in number. Proponents of this idea believe that overweight individuals have a higher number of fat cells and therefore constantly struggle with losing weight.
3. The regulated point. According to this one, your body has a certain weight or set point that it tries very hard to stay at. Any effort on your part to change will be immediately thwarted by metabolic slow down.
Body Fat
Body Fat
4. Brown fat. Not all body fat is created equal. White fat, the one responsible for fat storage, is sluggish and wants to hoard nutrients. Brown fat, on the other hand, makes fat cells release their energy as heat. This theory believes that lean people have a higher proportion of brown fat.
5. Thermic effect of food. Right after you eat, your body burns a little extra calories because of the thermic effect of food. This theory claims that lean people burn more right after eating in comparison to overweight people.
Now please don’t get too caught up with these multiple explanations of weight gain. After all, you do have a lot of control on how your body looks. Consistent research has shown that lifestyle factors account for a very large portion of weight gain regardless of genetics.

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